The knowledge sharing app that integrates
seamlessly with your workflows

Access your team knowledge
from everywhere

Create and search for team knowledge directly in Slack. With our handy slash commands, Slack actions and direct Slack sign-in, you won’t need to leave Slack to build up your team knowledge base.

“The Community Hired team uses Kipwise’s Slack integration to stay focused and efficient.”

Stephanie Nakano

Stephanie Nakano, CEO

Access Kipwise effortlessly while using any web app. Our browser extensions sit right at the top of your browser giving you immediate access to your company knowledge without leaving your workflow.

Universal Access To Your Company’s Most Important Information

Access information across Google Drive & Confluence — our two most comprehensive integration, with more to be added soon — from the Kipwise app, the Kipwise Google Chrome Extension, or directly within Slack.

More sources to be added in the following months...

  • Intercom
  • Zendesk
  • Dropbox

External content that you can add to Kipwise