Organize your team knowledge in the most effective way

Automagically save useful content

Teammates are sharing useful content every day but no one wants to organize them as it's too time-consuming? Kipwise does that automagically for you. Nore more tedious copy and paste.

Organize shared content easily

You can add tags to organize the content directly in Slack so teammates can find saved content on specific topics easily.

Team annotation to facilitate discussion

Your team can collaborate on annotating the shared content so you can discuss the key points in context.

  • You can highlight the key points in an article and add notes.
  • You can point to a specific area on an image and add notes.
  • You can mention your teammates (e.g. @john) in notes so they will get notified on Slack.

All annotations will be synced to Slack automatically to keep all of your teammates in the loop.

Search for saved content directly in Slack

All shared knowledge and annotations will be automatically saved to your Kipwise online dashboard. You can search for them in Slack using simple commands as well.

View all saved content in one place

No more fragmented knowledge here and there. You can manage and view all useful team knowledge in one place on Kipwise.

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Upcoming Features

Coming soon

Video annotation

Direct teammates to the useful parts so they don’t have to watch the whole video again!

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Coming soon

Kipwise editor

Create your own internal docs using our free-text editor and insert saved Kipwise items.

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Coming soon

Clip Slack messages

Discussed something important in chat? Clip them and turn it into a Kipwise doc easily.

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