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Enhance knowledge flow in remote and distributed teams

Share knowledge effectively even when you are working remotely. Reduce communication lag by ensuring teammates from different sides of the world have access to the information that they need.

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Why you need a knowledge management tool for your remote team

Remote teammates can find answers without tapping on shoulders

Unlike onsite workers, remote workers can’t just tap on a teammate’s shoulder to ask a question. Adding time-zone differences, remote workers might have to wait for a long time just for a simple answer. A well-organized team knowledge base helps you solve these remote work challenges.

Create structured and visually appealing documentation easily

Powerful search that lives where you work

Search for information mid conversation directly in Slack

Find whatever you need across your Kipwise pages and connected tools using our Slack search commands — without ever leaving Slack.

Access team knowledge easily when using any web apps

Replying to a customer email or ticket and need to find some information? Use our Chrome Extension to search for info across your connected tools. Eliminate the need to log in to multiple platforms and close all those tabs in your browser!

Knowledge management that integrates with the tools you’re already using

Access your team knowledge saved on Kipwise directly in your workflows and reference other tools easily to create informative documentation.

Built-in workflows to encourage collaboration and engagement in a remote setting

Build up a habit to search first

If teammates forgot to search before they ask a question, use our Answer with Kipwise Slack action to provide a quick answer and remind teammates the use of Kipwise simultaneously.

Grow your knowledge base while using Kipwise Q&A

Assign questions to specific teammates when your search doesn’t yield what you’re looking for. The Q&A is automatically saved to Kipwise to grow your knowledge base naturally.

Ensure content are up-to-date and verified

Assign reviewers to individual content or collections and we’ll remind you to review the content to keep them fresh and accurate.

Analytics to understand team usage and identify knowledge gaps

Insights to identify knowledge gaps in your team

Get insights on how your team interacts with your content to identify areas that they need more training on. Find out the missing pieces to keep improving your team knowledge hub.

Statistics to gauge healthiness of your knowledge base

What percentage of Pages haven’t been reviewed for a set period of time? What percentage of searches in the knowledge base are producing results? Get insights from our statistics to ensure your content are up-to-date and helpful to your team.