Use cases

How teams leverage Kipwise for better productivities

Nail your employee onboarding

Help new hires get up-to-speed quickly. Share the essential things they need to know to succeed in their roles.

Reduce repeated questions with internal FAQs

Make it easy for teammates to find answers to common questions, saving managers’ time in answering repeated questions for greater focus and productivity.

Share common knowledge across different projects

Standardize workflows and share previous research, intelligence and learnings so no one has to redo things that have already been done previously.

Retain intelligence even when employees leave

Even small knowledge leaks slow down operations. Document processes and procedures to make sure knowledge stays even when employees leave.

Enhance knowledge flow in remote and distributed settings

Let your teammates pick each other’s brain easily even when they are not in the same office. Reduce communication lag by ensuring teammates from different sides of the world have access to the information that they need.

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How different functional teams can use Kipwise

Customer Support

Build a knowledge base of frequently asked questions. With our browser plugins, your support reps can easily access the information they need right within their workflow when answering customer tickets.

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Share sales playbook, demo best practices, script and email templates to help your sales close deals faster. Document sales reviews such as common objections, key customer pain points, lost reasons to help increase win rates.

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Collaborate on campaign planning and content drafts. Share brand guidelines to ensure a consistent brand voice. Document A/B test learnings so teammates can learn from the experience.

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Collaborate on product specs, product roadmap and share best practices and user feedback. Document test results and analytics so your team and future hires can learn from the experience.

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Document code review processes, share best practices, debugging tips to help everyone perform their best. Keep runbooks and document sprint retrospective so your team can learn from the experience and avoid repeated mistakes.


Share style guide, design best practices to ensure a consistent look-and-feel and user experience for your product. Document test results and analytics so your teammates can learn from the experience and understand what works and what doesn’t.

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