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Auto Knowledge Suggestions

Replying to a client email on Gmail or handling a customer ticket on Intercom? The Kipwise Safari Extension can suggest relevant knowledge in your team wiki without needing you to search manually.

Works for common apps including Intercom, Zendesk, Gmail and more.

Access team knowledge easily when using any web apps

Gain quick access to your company’s internal knowledge hub via the Kipwise Safari extension. Simply highlight any text on a web page to perform a quick search and surface the information you need fast while working in any web app.

Search across multiple tools without switching between tabs

Search across Kipwise and the tools that you have connected, such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Confluence, using the Kipwise Safari Extension. Gain access to the information you need in seconds without needing to switch between tabs.

Create internal tickets easily

Couldn't find the answer that you need? Launch the Q&A feature directly from the Safari Extension and assign the question to your teammates, fast! Kipwise will save the Q&A content to your knowledge base to organically grow your team knowledge hub at the same time.

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