Create a company knowledge hub super easily from your daily communications

Onboard new people faster, do your job more effectively and reduce the number of questions and repeated mistakes in your company.

Unorganized information = 20% of work time lost

Research shows that employees spend almost 20% of time just to search for misplaced information, just as if 1 out of 5 of your employees simply didn’t go to work.

Turn Slack conversations into documentations easily

Save messages, links, images or files from Slack to Kipwise with just a few clicks. No more tedious copy-and-paste nor logging in into multiple platforms to build up your knowledge base.

Build up your knowledge base automatically through Q&A

Couldn’t find something on Kipwise? Assign the question to a teammate, the Q&A will be saved to Kipwise automatically when your teammate answered. Over time, Kipwise can learn from your questions to improve search accordingly.

Smart Kipwise Bot to help automate your flow

Simply send a message to Kipwise bot and it can deliver the best answer from the knowledge base.

You can also configure the bot so it will help you detect and save certain items (e.g. shared links, articles, images) to Kipwise automatically.

More efficient knowledge management
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