Build an integrated team knowledge base easily

Create and search for team knowledge directly in Slack.

Knowledge base with powerful integrations
Kipwise client - Mozilla
Kipwise client - handy
Kipwise client - modash
Kipwise client - klook

Kipwise is one of the most exciting products I have ever had the pleasure of adopting early. Highly recommend this for growing teams thinking about how to manage their knowledge base!


CEO, Modash

Save slack conversions to knowledge base easily

Turn Slack conversations into documentations easily

Save messages, links, images or files from Slack to Kipwise with just a few clicks. No more tedious copy-and-paste nor logging into multiple platforms to build up your knowledge base.

Build up knowledge base automatically through Q&A

Couldn’t find something on Kipwise? Assign the question to a teammate, the Q&A will be saved to Kipwise automatically when your teammate answered. Over time, Kipwise can learn from your questions to improve search accordingly.

Build up knowledge base automatically through Q&A
Smart Kipwise Bot to help automate your knowledge management flow

Smart Kipwise Bot to help automate your flow

Kipwise bot can deliver the best answer from the knowledge base for your questions and save important team knowledge to Kipwise automatically.



Slack integration
Google drive integration
Confluence integration

Coming soon…

Chrome extension
Gmail integration
Intercom integration
Zendesk integration
Invision integration
Trello integration
Github integration
Asana integration