Easily create and access saved team knowledge

Spend less time on organizing and finding information, and more time on the actual work.

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“Kipwise is a very useful tool for our team!”

Tina Hsieh, Mozilla Taiwan

Organize Team Knowledge from Everyday Conversations

New knowledge is shared in Slack every day but traditional knowledge management tools require tedious copy-and-paste if you want to save these knowledge.

Kipwise is smarter. Shared an article or video in Slack? We save them automatically and your team can collaborate on annotations. Discussed something important in Slack? Turn those messages into a Kipwise doc easily.

Search for saved knowledge directly in Slack

All shared knowledge and annotations will be automatically saved to your Kipwise team account. You can search for them in Slack using simple commands as well.

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We love organizations who promote knowledge sharing. If you’re a professional group (e.g. growth hackers community) with a Slack team for members to mingle and share knowledge, apply now to use Kipwise for free!