Stop losing important team knowledge in Slack

Conversations move fast (and lost fast) in Slack. Kipwise helps you build a team wiki easily in Slack to save, organize and retrieve important information in seconds. Fewer repeated questions, more time for real work.

Unorganized information = 20% of work time lost

Research shows that employees spend almost 20% of time just to search for misplaced information, just as if 1 out of 5 of your employees simply didn’t go to work.

How Kipwise helps?

Create a knowledge base in seconds from your daily communications

New knowledge is shared in Slack every day but traditional knowledge management tools require tedious copy-and-paste if you want to save these knowledge. Kipwise is smarter. Discussed something important in Slack? Turn those messages into a Kipwise doc with just a few clicks.

Search for saved knowledge directly in Slack

Besides searching on your Kipwise online dashboard, you can also search for saved knowledge directly in Slack directly using simple commands. No more logging in to multiple platforms.

More efficient knowledge management
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