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Don’t miss important knowledge in everyday conversations

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Why Kipwise

Organized Team Knowledge from Everyday Conversations

Kipwise automatically keeps all article links shared in your Slack channel. No more manual copy-and-paste to your internal wiki. Look them up when you need them.

Refine Team Knowledge Sharing Flow

Kipwise allows your team to collaborate on highlights and annotations easily directly in Slack. An easier way to spark a discussion leads to higher team participation.

How It Works

A teammate shares an article in Slack

There are treasures in your #articles, #good-read or #learning channel. Don't under-utilize them.

Kipwise creates a collaborate-able link

Reading-only is not good enough. Your opinions and summary mean a lot more than just sharing a link.

Your team can then collaborate by adding highlights / notes

Everyone in your team is able to help make the article more valuable with team-relevant annotations.

Annotations sync with Slack

All annotations will get sent to the same reply thread, so everyone can see them directly in Slack.

Revisit all your saved articles and annotations on our web platform

No more “where was that useful article I read 2 months ago” problem. All articles and annotations automatically saved and organized - search available.

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We love organizations who are promoting knowledge sharing!

If you are a professional group (e.g. a growth hackers community) that has a Slack team for members to mingle and share knowledge, you can use Kipwise for free! Apply now