The Most Seamless Knowledge Management Process on Slack

Search, share, capture and systemize information directly within Slack

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Capture important information mid conversation

Save important ideas, insights and to-dos during Slack chats, — and before they get buried in the channel — by saving it as a Kipwise Page. Your days of ‘copy & paste’ to an external knowledge base are over.

“Kipwise’s Slack integration offers the smoothest experience among all the tools we evaluated.”

Scot Liddell
COO Playground XYZ

Slack Auto-answering Bot

Getting tired of all the repeated questions you get on Slack every day? Our auto-answering bot can help suggest relevant answers from your knowledge base by smartly detecting questions from your Slack conversations, reducing the burden of the knowledge experts in your team so they can focus on their real work.

Search for information across multiple tools directly in Slack

Find whatever you need across Kipwise and your connected tools such as Google Docs using our Slack search command — without ever leaving Slack. Eliminate the need to log in to multiple platforms and close all those tabs in your browser!

“The Community Hired team uses Kipwise’s Slack integration to stay focused and efficient.”

Stephanie Nakano
CEO Community Hired

Answer teammate questions with a single ‘click’

Surface the right information in just one click so your teammates get what they need ASAP, and you can get on with your work. The more your team answers questions with specific docs, the faster Kipwise learns what your team needs. Easily share existing information and improve search accuracy simultaneously.

Build your knowledge base while using Kipwise Q&A

Assign questions or search criteria to specific teammates when your search doesn’t yield what you’re looking for. The Q&A is automatically saved to Kipwise so you can answer teammates and build your knowledge base simultaneously.

Keep your team updated of changes

To keep your teammates engaged and help them find new and interesting knowledge, you can link your activity feeds to Slack to receive notifications where there are new content or updates.

Sign in with Slack with auto off-boarding

Seamless sign-in flow with our direct Slack sign-in. When you remove a teammate from your Slack team, we will automatically remove the user’s access on Kipwise as well, simplify your process of managing access as employees join and leave your company.

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