Empower your team with knowledge they need to deliver delightful customer experiences at scale

Share customer onboarding playbooks, common FAQs and key customer profiles to drive upsell and increase retention.

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Share best practices and know-hows to nail your customer support process

Help your customer success managers nail the onboarding process by providing them with the winning playbooks. Standardize your customer support flows by sharing workflow guidelines.


  • Kick-off call flow
  • Product demo script
  • How to file bug reports

Access common FAQs and troubleshooting guide quickly within your workflow

With our browser extensions, your support reps can look for information they need fast, whenever they are using any web apps. This helps them source information fast when they are replying to customers’ emails and support tickets.

Manage internal & customer-facing knowledge base in one place

One single platform to manage all content

Group selected Kipwise Pages into an easy-to-search customer help center, making it easier for your customer support team to access the most up to date company & product information.

Customizable to fit your branding

You can set the public knowledge base to be under your own domain and customize the color tones to provide a unified user experience for your customers.

See how your customers engage with trackable content

Create trackable public links to share content with people outside of your organization, such as prospects and customers, to better understand how they engage with the content you shared.

Content review flow to ensure information is up-to-date

To ensure your customer support reps always have the accurate and most up-to-date information to help your customers, you can assign reviewers to individual content or collections and we’ll remind you to review the content to keep them fresh and accurate.

Identify knowledge gap for better customer support training

Get insights on how your support reps interact with your content to identify areas that they need more training on. Find out the missing pieces to keep improving your customer support knowledge hub.

Get Started with Templates

Empower your team with the knowledge they need to deliver delightful customer experiences at scale
Customer Kick-off Call Template for SaaS
Kick off call template to nail your customer onboarding
Sales to Customer Success Handoff Template
Sample onboarding template to promote better customer service and retention
Client Review Template
Client Review Meeting for more feedback to serve your clients better
Troubleshooting Guide Template
Troubleshooting Guide Template for efficient problem solving

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How different functional teams can use Kipwise


Share sales playbook, demo best practices, script and email templates to help your sales close deals faster. Document sales reviews such as common objections, key customer pain points, lost reasons to help increase win rates.

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Collaborate on campaign planning and content drafts. Share brand guidelines to ensure a consistent brand voice. Document A/B test learnings so teammates can learn from the experience.

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Collaborate on product specs, product roadmap and share best practices and user feedback. Document test results and analytics so your team and future hires can learn from the experience.

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Document code review processes, share best practices, debugging tips to help everyone perform their best. Keep runbooks and document sprint retrospective so your team can learn from the experience and avoid repeated mistakes.


Share style guide, design best practices to ensure a consistent look-and-feel and user experience for your product. Document test results and analytics so your teammates can learn from the experience and understand what works and what doesn’t.