Make real-time collaboration a breeze

Enjoy real-time collaboration with our easy-to-use web editor, enabling your team to edit the same page at the same time.

Turn knowledge sharing into a team objective, with smart, built-in workflows likeour internal Q&A feature.

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Tag / Favorites / Pin

Use tags to organize your content at a finer level. Create your own favorites list or pin content to the top to access content that you frequently use quickly.

Real-time Collaboration

Your teammates can edit the same document at the same time and see the changes immediately.

Rich Integrations

Create visually appealing and interactive documentation by collating multiple sources of data and information on one Kipwise Page.

Attach Files

Reference another document inside Kipwise easily to create interlinked documents.

Internal Linking

Attach files such as PDF, PPT, MOV to so your teammate can download them directly from the document.

Version History

We automatically save version history for you. Everything is recorded and revertable.

Google Drive & OneDrive Integration

Embed documents, spreadsheets and files from cloud storage like Google Drive and OneDrive and edit them directly on Kipwise Pages.

Inline Comment

Highlight specific text in your document to @mention and leave comments for your teammates.

Rich Formatting

Rich text formatting options including headings, lists, quote, callout, code block, table and many more.


Create document templates for tasks or processes that you perform repeatedly to save time and ensure consistency in capturing information.