Unlock the knowledge trapped in you and your colleague’s brains

Create a company knowledge hub super easily from your daily communications. Onboard new people faster, do your job more effectively and reduce the number of questions and repeated mistakes in your company.

Unorganized information = 20% of work time lost

Research shows that employees spend almost 20% of time just to search for misplaced information, just as if 1 out of 5 of your employees simply didn’t go to work.

Onboard new hires quickly in a repeatable way

Gone are the days where you have to walk through the same materials, again and again. Kipwise helps you transfer your team knowledge & know-how to get your new teammates up-to-speed quickly instead of months.

Stop losing information in a sea of tools

As companies grow, communication and knowledge sharing can become a real challenge, especially when different departments are using different tools.

Kipwise serves as a layer on top of all your tools to be the central location where your team can look for trusted and updated information to get their job done.

More efficient knowledge management
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