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Teammate Profile Template

Creating a fun teammate profile to help teammates spark conversations beyond work matters

Include interesting questions to spark non-work related conversations

Numerous studies have proven that people tend to work better if they like what they’re doing and WHO they are doing it with. So instead of only including work related bios such as role and responsibilities in the profiles, try to ask teammates to answer interesting questions and share some fun facts about themselves like “what are your secret talents?”, “what is the favourite place that you have travelled to?” to help teammates spark conversations beyond work matters.

Giving your employees the chance to get to know one another beyond the workplace can help them relate to one another and also improve the work experience for them as a whole.

This is especially important if you are a remote team. Unlike on-site workers who often bump into each other and can grab a quick lunch or coffee together easily, for remote workers, you need to recreate opportunities for them to mingle so that they too can experience the camaraderie of having coworkers who are also friends.

While you can use tools like Donut to encourage casual chats among teammates, these information teammates shared in their profile can often start as a good starting point for their conversations.

Share these teammates profiles with new hires

When there are new hires joining your company, share these teammate profiles to the new hires and ask them to fill in their own as well so your workers can get to know them better, too. Of course, this is just the starting point for the new hires to get to know the team and you should schedule proper welcome sessions to introduce the new hires to the team as well.

Start with this template

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