Competitive Battle Card Template

Sales battle card template to help you increase win rates

Competitive battle card template to help sales win deals against competitors

A competitive battle card provides an overview of how your company positions against your competitors. It lists out the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and highlights areas that your company wins. In short, it provides a guide for your sales rep on how to win deals against a competitor.

How to build these battle cards

Have your sales rep build up a habit to write down notes during sales meetings and always document win and lost reasons diligently. Gradually, by analyzing those notes, you will start to see patterns on what should be put on your battle cards.

Include social proof in your battle cards

Customers like to see social proof when deciding whether to buy a product or service. So including real examples of customers who have switched to your company from another competitor with their testimonials would be strong points that your sale reps can utilize when trying to close the deal.

Review your battle cards regularly to ensure update-ness

To make sure your sales rep always has the most up-to-date information when closing your leads, review your battle cards regularly! Nothing is more embarrassing than going into a meeting thinking you are winning your competitors in some ways, but the prospect told you your competitor actually improved and is doing much better than you now.

At Kipwise, we offer a built-in content review flow where you can set designated reviewers to your content and our system will remind them to review it in preset intervals to ensure accuracy and freshness.

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