How Q&A flow works

Searching for something on Kipwise but couldn’t find the information that you need? Use our Q&A flow to create a question so that you can grow your knowledge base organically through the process. 

To create a question, simply click on the “Ask a teammate” button in the search results screen or by typing /kipwise ask on Slack. You can then select which teammate or Slack channel to assign the question to.

The assigned teammates or channel will receive a notification on Slack. 

They can then create a new Kipwise Page or use an existing Kipwise Page to quickly answer the question.  

The Q&A will be saved to Kipwise automatically afterwards so other teammates will be able to search for the information on Kipwise in the future. 

Overtime, Kipwise can also learn from your question text to improve search accordingly. 

Start using the Q&A flow today and see your knowledge base grow organically in no time.