How knowledge sharing enables a more cohesive team at Community Hired

How Knowledge Sharing Enables a More Cohesive Team at Community Hired

Community Hired offers full-service solutions to help online communities be the best they can be. Their services cover monetization, community management, migration, design, cost savings, technical support, security protocols, and GDPR compliance.

Community Hired is a small team that works remotely. For their nature of business (to support a wide range of online communities), they knew that they needed a way to share information about the company and about their clients in a way that was accessible and complemented their asynchronous workstyle.

Simply using a project management tool is not enough for their remote team setting

Before adding Kipwise to their company tools stack, Community Hired was mainly relying on Asana (a popular project management tool) alone to manage their collaboration.

It functioned reasonably well for them at the beginning, but as the amount of documentation that they needed to share within the team continued to grow, information started to get disorganized and hard to retrieve. And they knew they had to find a better way to organize the documentation to keep the process sustainable.

Why Community Hired chose Kipwise as their solution

Elena Fisher, managing Operations at Community Hired, researched a number of solutions on the market and decided to choose Kipwise. Elena cited three reasons why they like Kipwise the most with the ease of use being the central theme:

Visually appealing content, easy to read and to edit

The number one criterion for Community Hired when choosing a team solution was that it must be easy to create visually appealing content that is easy to read. Otherwise, it would be hard for teammates to look for specific information that they want in a quick way.

Kipwise’s web editor supports a wide range of formatting options so Elena and her team can create content that is easy to scan through quickly. Kipwise is also integrated with lots of other tools like Google Drive, Vimeo, Invision, so it is easy to embed content from other platforms to create visually appealing and informative documentation.  

What’s best is that Kipwise’s editor supports real-time collaboration, so teammates can edit the same document at the same time, without needing to worry that their content might be overridden by another teammate.  

Navigation is easy and it’s organized well

Another reason that Community Hired likes Kipwise the most is that the user interface is straightforward and it’s easy to navigate through the knowledge base. Kipwise’s flexible folder structure also makes it very easy for Elena’s team to keep their content in an organized way.

Content is easy to find

Elena also commented that finding saved content on Kipwise is easy. Kipwise is integrated with Slack, so teammates can search for content saved on Kipwise directly on Slack using simple slash command. If someone forgot to search before they ask a question on Slack, teammates can help provide a quick answer with content on Kipwise with just a few clicks using Kipwise’s Slack action.

Other than Slack, Kipwise also offers a Chrome Extension so teammates can access content saved on Kipwise easily when they are using any web apps as well.

How they encourage teammates to build up the knowledge base collaboratively

To encourage everyone in the team to contribute more to knowledge sharing, Community Hired sets up regular dedicated group time where teammates all work on their content at the same time.

Shaping behaviors often takes time and Elena commented that there are still  moments that teammates forget to look things up in the team knowledge base. But simply going through the process of documenting content is already helping the team as a whole to be more consistent.

By making it easy for everyone to share their knowledge and allowing every teammate to have access to the same information, Elena was able to build a more cohesive team and be more confident that everyone can follow a consistent process in contributing to the success of the company.

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