How Mandatory Reads work

Created a new article or updated an existing one and want to make sure your teammates read the new content? You can create mandatory readings so that the assigned users will receive alerts and you will be able to see who has or has not read the content. 

To create a Mandatory Reading, simply click the Share button on a Page and select Mandatory Reads. You can then assign users or user groups that you would like to notify about the new or updated content. You can also pick the timeframe where we will highlight the version difference when the assigned user views the content. You can preview the changes highlights by clicking preview the changes.

The assignee will then receive a notification about the assigned reading. All assigned readings will also be grouped under the To-dos section on the Kipwise Web Portal. After clicking into a to-read item, the assignee can see what is updated and mark the content as read.

As the creator of the assigned reading, you can check who has or has not read the content by going to “To-dos” > To Read, then go to the “Created by you” tab. There will be an indicator showing how many teammates are assigned with the completion percentage. Simply click into that indicator and you will be able to see who has read the content. You can also send a reminder to the teammates who have not read the content yet. 

With our Mandatory read feature, you can ensure important information are read by your teammates in a timely manner.