How Chrome Extension works

Kipwise Chrome Extension allows you to access your team knowledge easily when you are working online anywhere. Simply highlight certain text on your browser or use the search box on the Chrome Extension and you can easily search for what you need without leaving your current tab. Want it to be even more automated? Enable auto-suggestions in your integration settings, then you don’t even need to search and we can automatically suggest relevant content based on what you are viewing. 

Whether you are answering a customer ticket or replying to client email, you can quickly copy and share content from your knowledge base. When you have something important that you want to save to Kipwise, say a new canned response, simply highlight the text, right click and select “Save to Kipwise” and you can choose which Kipwise Page to save the content to. 

Want to save the whole page instead? No problem, simply right click at any spot on your browser, select “Save to Kipwise” and you can save the website link to your selected Kipwise Page. 

Install the Kipwise Chrome Extension today so you can access your team knowledge base easily whenever you are using any web apps