How to Build a Collaborative Process to Keep Your Knowledge Base Up-to-Date

Keep knowledge base up to date

Keeping your team knowledge base up-to-date is the key to ensure engagement 

One of the major issues that managers encounter when managing their company knowledge base is that info on the knowledge base often becomes outdated a few months after they started out building the knowledge base. 

If your company knowledge base contains outdated or inaccurate information, not only will your teammates perform work or make decisions based on wrong information, it will also cause your teammates to lose trust in the company knowledge base and your knowledge base will soon become a ghost town that no one will visit and rely on. 

As the documents on your knowledge base are often created at different times, we also understand that it could be hard to remember manually which documentation needs to be updated and when. To help you keep your knowledge base up-to-date, Kipwise offers built-in workflows to help you build a collaborative process to ensure the freshness and accuracy of your knowledge base. 

Assign reviewers to each folder so every article has at least a clear reviewer

With our content review flow, the first step to make sure your content is always up-to-date is to ensure every article has at least one clear reviewer who should be held responsible. 

To do so, whenever you create a new top-level folder on Kipwise, you can select which teammates or user groups you’d like to grant review rights to (read more about how to set folder permissions). 

Set reviewer right

This way, when publishing a new page, if the author has review rights for that folder, he/she will be pre-selected as the reviewer (with the option to update it to anyone who has review right for that folder). 

Select reviewer

If the creator doesn't have review rights, then he/she must select a reviewer from the pre-approved reviewer list before the Page can be published. The Page will also be marked as “To be reviewed” automatically after it is published so that other teammates will know the content is yet to be reviewed. This is particularly useful if you want to grant edit rights to some junior teammates to encourage collaboration while making sure the content will be reviewed by managers to ensure accuracy. 

Kipwise will automatically remind designated reviewers to review the content

To help ensure your content is always fresh, you can set a time interval where our system will automatically remind the designated reviewer to review the content. For example, when you set the review interval as 6 months and the Page has not been reviewed for 6 months, then the designated reviewer will receive a notification on Slack. 

review reminder

You can also see all the pages that need to be reviewed under the “To Review” Section in the “To-Dos” tab. 

to do section

Highlight the content and request review when you have doubts about the content 

Other than relying on our automatic reminder, teammates can manually request for a review when they feel that something might be wrong when viewing a page at any time. Simply highlight the content that you want to request for review, click the comment icon and select the request review option. 

request review

Create a question when you can’t search for the information you need 

Other than the content review flow, Kipwise also offers a Q&A flow to help you grow your knowledge base collaboratively. When teammates cannot find the info they need via search, they can create a question and assign it to a teammate or Slack channel. The question and answer will then be saved to Kipwise automatically to grow your knowledge base so you never have to answer the same question twice. Watch a video on how our Q&A feature works.

create question

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