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Looking for Nuclino alternatives?

How Kipwise is better than Nuclino


Kipwise offers much more powerful Slack integration

You simply don’t need to leave Slack to build up your team knowledge base

  • Handy slash commands to create and search for team knowledge
  • Slack actions to easily save a message to Kipwise or quickly answer teammates’ questions with content on Kipwise
  • Can’t find something? Create a question and assign it to teammates

In comparison, Nulicno only offers very limited functionality for its Slack integration.


Kipwise offers browser extensions and more integrations including Airtable, Figma, Invision and many more

Nuclino does not offer browser extensions and offers limited integrations.

“I would like to see even more integration capability.”

Review of Nuclino on Capterra

Navigation on Kipwise is easy, with a comprehensive dashboard to house information that needs your attention

Nuclino’s UI is not intuitive.

“Navigating between workspaces can be confusing. I would love a home page/dashboard where I can more easily view high level information about my pages.”

Review of Nuclino on Capterra

Kipwise offers full activity feeds so you can keep track of changes easily

Nuclino does not offer activity feed so it’s hard to notice when teammates deleted or updated something accidentally.

“The ease of deleting large amounts of information without knowing it. It is also easy to drag around clusters and items into others accidentally without warning. No system to track changes or alerts here.”

Review of Nuclino on Capterra

Statistics to help you identify knowledge gap in your team

Get insights on how your team interacts with your content to identify areas that they need more training on. Find out the missing pieces to keep improving your team knowledge hub.


Kipwise is more affordable yet powerful

Nuclino’s Standard plan costs $6/user per month while Kipwise’s Basic plan only costs $3/user per month.

Although we are half the price, many customers who switched from Nuclino commented Kipwise offers better integrations and smoother flows.

Switching from Nuclino to Kipwise is easy

We can help you import your content

More ways that Kipwise can help you team better

Build up knowledge base collaboratively via internal Q&A

Encouraging more team collaboration is in our blood when designing the product. When teammates cannot find something on Kipwise, our smart Q&A flow will prompt users to create a question.

The Q&A will be saved to Kipwise automatically when your teammate answered to build up the knowledge base collaboratively.

Content review flow to ensure your content is accurate and up-to-date

Assign reviewers to individual content or collections and we’ll remind them to review the content in preset intervals and notify them when teammates created new content in folders that they don’t have review right in.

Manage internal & customer knowledge bases from one place

Group selected Kipwise Pages into an easy-to-search customer help center, making it easier for your customer support team to access to the most up to date company & product information.

Kipwise integrates with the tools your team is already using

Access your team knowledge saved on Kipwise directly  in your workflows and reference other tools easily to create informative documentation.

Round-the-clock customer support with teammates based in different timezones

Helping you succeed is our priority. We provide quick responses to your inquiries and we value our customer feedback a lot when planning our feature roadmap.

People who trust us

The Community Hired team uses Kipwise’s Slack integration to stay focused and efficient.

Stephanie Nakano
CEO at Community Hired

Kipwise offers great integrations with our existing tools so setting up is easy.

Charles Oh
COO at Booqued

Kipwise’s Slack integration offers the smoothest experience among all the tools we evaluated.

Scot Liddell
COO Playground XYZ