10 Best Confluence Alternatives in 2020

Best Confluence Alternatives

Looking for the best modern alternatives to Confluence? 

Confluence has long been a popular company wiki solution on the market within the Atlassian suite of tools. But as more and more modern team collaboration tools arose, there are lots of new alternatives to Confluence on the market now that might better suit the needs of teams that are looking for a knowledge management solution that integrates better with their workflow. 

Reasons to consider a Confluence alternative 

You want a simpler user-interface that’s easy to navigate 

Many teams who have tried Confluence have the same comment – it’s difficult to use and difficult to navigate. If the team knowledge base is not easy to use, it’s hard to engage your teammates and your knowledge base will just become a ghost town that no one visits.

Your team is using Slack 

In recent years, lots of teams are using Slack as their company chat and collaboration tool. Although Confluence does have a Slack integration, the functionalities offered in their Slack app is very limited. Many newer knowledge management tools on the market offers much better Slack integration so you can basically create and search for team knowledge directly within Slack. 

The top 10 best Confluence Alternatives 

To help you explore the modern alternatives to Confluence, we have compiled  a list of top 10 best Confluence Alternatives that offers a much slicker user-interface and better integration with tools that modern teams love: 

  1. Kipwise
  2. Slab 
  3. Slite
  4. Guru
  5. Nuclino
  6. Notion
  7. Bloomfire
  8. Obie
  9. OneBar 
  10. Bit.ai

Confluence Alternatives #1 - Kipwise 

Kipwise is a modern knowledge management tool that helps teams build up their company knowledge hub easily. We offer powerful Slack integration, browser extensions and is integrated with Google Drive, Trello, Airtable and more, so you can save and retrieve team knowledge easily, wherever you need them.

Some key features that help teams enable better internal knowledge flow: 

  • Powerful Slack integration - Handy slash command and Slack Actions to create and search for team knowledge. You simply don’t have to leave Slack to build up your knowledge base. 
  • Real-time collaborative editor - With rich embedding options, your team can edit the same doc at the same time and create visually appealing documentation easily. 
  • Content review process - Set designated reviewers for your collections to ensure content is always up-to-date and accurate. 

Pricing: Plans starting from $3 per user per month

For a more complete comparison, check out our Kipwise vs. Confluence Comparison Page.

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Confluence Alternatives #2 - Slab

Slab is a knowledge hub for the modern workplace. Slab helps teams unlock their full potential through shared learning and documentation. Slab offers a beautiful editor that supports real-time collaboration so your team can edit the same document simultaneously. 

Slab also supports fast search and is integrated with tools like Slack, GitHub and G Suite, making it easy to build up a team knowledge base that works well with the other tools that your team is using. 

Pricing: Plans starting from $40 for the first 10 users, then $8 per user per month

Confluence Alternatives #3 - Slite

Slite is a space for teams to write and organize their knowledge. It features a lightweight and easy-to-use editor, a channels based interface and collaborative features like page commenting. With Slite, you can make your team's information become organized and retrievable. 

Slite also offers a range of useful templates that help you build up your company wiki, saving you time from creating everything from scratch, a very handy feature for first-time team wiki users. 

Pricing: Freemium with plans starting from $8 per user per month

Confluence Alternatives #4 - Guru

Guru is a knowledge management platform that helps to empower teams with the knowledge they need to do their jobs, when and where they need it. By integrating with Chrome, Slack, and more, you can easily access team knowledge directly in your workflows to minimize context switching. 

Guru also offers smart suggestions based on AI to help you automate some of your knowledge management workflow. But it’s on the relatively expensive spectrum among all knowledge management tools. 

Pricing: Freemium with plans starting from $14 per user per month

Confluence Alternatives #5 - Nuclino 

Nuclino provides an easiest way for teams to organize and share knowledge. Using Nuclino’s simple and slick web editor, you can create real-time collaborative documents and connect them into a team knowledge base. It's great for meeting notes, product requirements, docs, decisions, and more.

Pricing: Freemium with plans starting from $6 per user per month

Confluence Alternatives #6 - Notion

Notion is the all-in-one workspace for notes-taking, project management, documents sharing, and collaboration. 

Notion supports a powerful real-time collaborative editor so you can create Kanban style lists, calendars and other forms of visually appealing docs easily. So other than using Notion for team wiki, you can also use it for project and tasks management like Trello. 

Pricing: Freemium with plans starting from $4 per user per month

Confluence Alternatives #7 - Bloomfire

Bloomfire is a collaborative knowledge management platform that helps teams centralize information and makes it searchable for the team so that your company can connect and align people, processes, and knowledge. 

Their AI-powered search can scan all types of media (including video) so teams can find and act on information faster. 

Pricing: Plans starting from $25 per user per month

Confluence Alternatives #8 - Obie

Obie can deliver answers to common questions directly within your workflow, enabling a better self-self access to your company knowledge base, frequently asked questions and documents.

You can also integrate Obie with tools like Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox and many more, so that you can search through information that is stored in your different tools instead of building a knowledge base from scratch. 

Pricing: Plans starting from $59 per month

Confluence Alternatives #9 - Onebar 

OneBar is an AI-powered private Q&A knowledge base for teams that rely heavily on knowledge sharing. OneBar helps you easily build an internal company FAQ knowledge base from your Slack conversations and use them to respond to questions in channels automatically, helping you to reduce the time needed to answer repeated questions that are commonly asked in your team. 

Pricing: Plans starting from $200 per month

Confluence Alternatives #10 - bit.ai


Using bit.ai, teams can create, collaborate and organize all their work in one place. Using its versatile editor, you can create fast dynamic notes, wikis, documents, knowledge bases, project plans, training guides, etc. easily and integrate with the tools that your team is already using. 

Pricing: Freemium with plans starting from $8 per user per month

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