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Content that you can use Kipwise to share with your sales team

Target customers + pain points

Let your sales reps understand better which market segments your product can serve well so they can better identify opportunities.

  • Buyer personas
  • Common customer pain points and how your product can help
  • Typical buyer’s journey

Competitor analysis

Share info about your competitors such as pricing, key product features, holes in your competitor’s offerings, etc. so they have all the battle bards ready to win deals.

  • List of major competitors
  • Overview of Competitor X
  • Your Company vs. Competitor X

Common objections

Share common purchasing roadblocks and why potential client might go with your competitors instead, with solutions on how to deal with them.

  • Common purchasing roadblocks + solutions

Golden questions

Share what questions sales reps should ask potential clients in order to understand their needs or hesitations better.

  • Questions to ask potential clients

Success stories

Help establish trust with customers by sharing real-life success stories.

  • List of big existing clients by category
  • Success story (Company X)

Product knowledge

You can’t sell a product if you don’t even know the product. Equip your sales reps with product knowledge so they can answer potential clients’ questions promptly in a professional manner.

  • Core features to showcase in demos
  • Common product FAQs

People who trust us

People who trust us

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