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Client Success Story Template

Client case study template to win trust & ultimately the business

You know you can deliver. You can tell the potential client you can deliver. You can guarantee the potential client their desired result. But...they won’t budge unless they find your product/service credible.

Case studies are the most foolproof way to build instant credibility. It follows the classic “show, don’t tell” formula. Plus, they are easy to build! You just have to share our client success story template with your clients to start publishing your business success stories.

What is a Client Success Story Template?

A client success story template or case study template includes a thought-out set of questions that’ll help you understand exactly why your clients like your service/product & how they found success because of your help. Furthermore, a few tweaks & a bit of storytelling around the answers to those questions will help you build a compelling case study/success story.

For example, the answer to “Have you compared us with other solutions? If so, what made us stand out?” question can help you clear your business’s USP.

In total, the client success story template will help your writer(s) write a highly effective piece that you can share with potential clients to develop instant trust.

Why use a Client Success Story Template?

The case study template includes all the questions your writer(s) will need answers to to build a full-fledged case study. Of course, you can build a case study without a template, but you are likely to lose crucial details, especially when you set out to create multiple case studies by gathering random information, or even worse, by creating one without clients’ input.

This template ensures a fundamentally solid case study. A standardized questionnaire helps you get all the needed answers without wasting much of your clients’ time. More importantly, you can send it to as many clients as you want without having to go through the same hassle again and again. Plus, any changes you make in the template can be seen by everyone.

What should be included in a Client Success Story Template?

A typical case study is built around the following details, and hence the questions that get you those details should be asked:

  • Client’s background: Who the client is, what do they sell, where are they based, how many people do they employ, etc.?
  • Their problem(s): Why were they looking for a service (you sold) in the first place? Did they try out another service(s) before coming to you?
  • Their buying decision process: Why they chose you & not your competitor?
  • Your product/service’s impact: Was your service able to solve their problem? If yes, how quickly? What did they like the most about the service?
  • Results: Numerically, how did your product/service impact their goal? E.g., they got 10% more productive or were able to get 30% more sales.
  • Testimonial: In a couple of sentences, how would they describe your solution & their experience of working with you.

Start with this template

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