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Project Proposal Template

Project Proposal Template to Help You Win More Projects

At least 58% of global organizations fully understand the importance of project management. However, only 23% of these businesses utilize standardized project management practices and tools. Among such useful modern tools are project proposal templates. 

Project proposals are vital documents in the project management process. Proposals provide details about the prospective projects and the problem they solve. Presenting a project proposal allows potential clients to review and examine the basics of the project. Preparing a project proposal forms the preamble before the project's approval and initiation. Proposals act as roadmaps, which outline the specifics for review by the potential clients. 

Proposal templates are tools for enforcing a standard layout in preparing a project outline. Over the years, the process of drafting project proposals has evolved! More organizations now embrace innovative tools and software to generate top-rated proposal templates. Feeling jinxed due to the recurrence of unapproved projects can be frustrating. But with a top-rated project management template from Kipwise, your submissions are as good as approved. 

What's a Project Management Proposal Template? 

Before a project is complete, it must go through numerous stages, which lead to implementation. The project proposal drafting stage is the most important of these stages. Without a well-developed proposal, you'll likely never win on your countless pitches. A good project management proposal template covers the goals, objectives, milestones, and requirements for the specific project. While a project proposal template is never a one-design-fit-all outline, it often helps you capture the essential details in the project. 

How to Develop a Simple Project Proposal 

How can you ensure that you capture all the essential details in your project proposal? These simple steps can help you get there.

1. Define Your Audience? 

Your project proposal will be subject to intense scrutiny. This is why you need first to identify the specific target audience.  Ultimately, you'll be speaking directly to these audiences. It may help to know their interests, goals, and objectives. With such information, it will be easy to draft your project proposal in a way that captures your audiences' attention. 

2. Determine the Problem your Proposal Intends to Solve 

An eye-catching proposal solves an underlying problem. Your audiences have probably seen different proposals. What makes yours tick? Every client focuses on this question. They want to know that you understand the inherent problem early into the proposition. Your ability to lay down the problem automatically prompts the prospective client to explore your project proposal for potential solutions. 

3. Conduct Research 

It's not enough to identify a problem. You also need to move a step further and propose solutions. This process calls for in-depth research. Your audiences will be eager to find out the probable solutions you may have to resolve the existing bottlenecks. Your research should expound on the underlying issue and their causes. You can then suggest that implementing the project proposal will be a lasting solution to the problem. 

4. Indicate the impact of the Project on Company Success

Everyone reading your project management proposal will be keen on the actual benefits to the organization. Implementing a project requires resources. Therefore, most stakeholders and decision-makers will want to know what benefits they'll derive from the project. Take your time to lay down the project's positive effects on the company's current and future success. 

5. Establish Timelines

A spot-on project management proposal template should eliminate any doubts related to deliverables. Timelines are a critical part of the project management process. You might have actionable timelines to guide your project implementation process. Every project proposal should have milestones and deadlines. These elements allow you to gauge the progress of the implementation process. Without timelines, you may end up struggling to meet the set goals. 

6. Introduce Its Company-Wide Project Template

The process of preparing a project management template takes time and work. This is why most organizations prefer premade templates. Even then, it would help if you also customized these templates to match the company's needs, objectives, and goals. It helps to share the proposal template with colleagues and team members. It takes this segment of the audience to critic and advice you on the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal.  

You may need to consider visuals, screenshots, and other resources that can help you communicate effectively with the entire company. You'll easily win the attention and support of colleagues once they realize that their voice counts. A project proposal template that's universally acceptable in the organization should be crystal clear. Aim to eliminate any vagueness before presenting the template to colleagues. This stage offers you the chance to clarify and streamline areas of concern before the final submission. 

Your Business Proposal Template Must-Haves 

As noted, business proposal templates differ depending on the nature of the project. You should customize your project proposal template to match your project type and specific needs. This is why our templates allow you to customize each project proposal template to suit your needs. However, certain elements should never miss in your template. 

Comprehensive Project Details

Some project proposals lack the depth of information needed to capture a wholesome background.  Information related to the project, including the background, project objective, and project needs, should form an essential part of the proposal. Basic details such as the project name, the project type, teams involved, and tentative milestones should be crucial elements in the proposal. 

Statement of the Problem

Regardless of how simple a project proposal template is, it must have an elaborate problem statement. The project problem statement clarifies the issue this project seeks to solve. It's essential to look at the statement of the problem as your primary pitch. If you can convince your audience at this point, it's a done deal!

Project Scope and Budget 

The budget in every project proposal is the deal-breaker. Every excellent project proposal template has a pricing, project, and budget section. Some stakeholders consider this section the second most crucial part of your proposal. They want to establish the worth attached to solving the stated problem. It's up to your project problem statement to justify the proposed budget. 

You might need to think carefully at this stage. Consider the scope of the project management proposal and all the expenses involved. Then weigh the problem you intend to solve against the total project cost. At this point, put yourself in the position of your audience. Would you be willing to spend as much to solve the problem at hand? A good project proposal template can help you assess the probable costs beforehand. At Kipwise, our tools allow you to draft a proposal with a practical scope and budget. 

Our Project Proposal Templates Are Tried and Tested

Building your project proposal template from scratch is a good idea. However, professionally developed templates help you capture the bigger picture better. You may try your best to include every element in a project proposal. But the risk of missing out on critical aspects in the proposal is always inevitable. At Kipwise, we develop valuable templates, including project proposal outlines to make your life easier. 

More people currently trust our templates as a threshold in their quest to build up an internal team knowledge base. You can consider this guide to develop a winning project proposal template in your next pitch.  Are you eager to build a badass pitch for your next project management proposal? Get in touch with us today for a free trial and explore our wide range of templates.  

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