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Onboarding checklist template to help you nail your employee onboarding

Having an onboarding checklist is important because whether you want to admit it or not, onboarding a new hire is not an easy task and having a well-documented process can help prevent you from missing any essential step. It also makes it easier for you to review the process along the way to look for improvement.

Research shows that almost 30% of job seekers have left a job within the first 90 days of starting and that it generally takes 8 months on average to get a new hire fully up-to-speed. So nailing your onboarding process is important to keep your new hires and to shorten the time needed for them to start contributing to your company.

The onboarding checklist template above lists out the common steps of onboarding a new hire and let us walk through the steps in details below.

Onboarding Checklist – Before the first day

  1. Prepare paperwork

    Prepare all the necessary legal and internal documents required for new hires. These might include:

    • Employment agreement
    • Insurance forms
    • Pension forms
    • Direct deposit forms for payroll
    • Non-disclosure agreements
  2. Discuss roles, projects and expectations with the manager

    Although you should already have developed a good understanding about the role and job responsibilities for the new hire during the hiring process, it’s still important to go through and reconfirm and roles and expectations for the new hire with their direct manager prior to the first day.

    Design projects that can help train the new hires while letting them start contributing early on.

  3. Prepare employee’s workstation and company swags
    • Desk and chair
    • Computer (already set up with the right softwares)
    • Office supplies (business card, notebook, pens, etc.)

To help them feel welcomed and develop a sense of belonging to the company, consider preparing company swags like T-shirt, hoodie, mug and laptop stickers and place them on the new hire’s desk on their first day.

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