Organize your team knowledge in a more efficient way

Organize your team knowledge in a centralized place

No more fragmented knowledge here and there. You can manage and view all saved team knowledge in one place on Kipwise.

Easily turn Slack messages into a team wiki doc

Discussed something important in chat? Clip it and turn it into a Kipwise Page with just a few clicks. No more tedious copy-and-paste and avoid teammates from asking the same questions over and over again.

A simple way for everyone to contribute to documentation

Sharing knowledge should be a team effort. Kipwise makes it so simple that even the busiest person in your team can contribute with minimal effort. Simply use the Slack command /kipwise create and you can create a wiki doc without needing to log in to multiple platforms.

Automagically save articles and images with team annotations

Our bot can detect if your messages contain any article links or images and help you save them to Kipwise automatically. We will also turn them into a collaborative version so your team can collaborate on annotating the key points to help each other digest the shared content more efficiently. 

Search for saved content directly in Slack

Besides your Kipwise online dahsboard, all saved knowledge are searchable in Slack using simple Slack commands. No more logging in and out of multiple platforms just to search for information.

More efficient knowledge management
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