Build a team wiki, together with a team process

Get your teammates to build the knowledge base together

Powerful search that lives where you work

Powerful search that lives where you work

Search for information mid conversation directly in Slack

Find whatever you need across your Kipwise pages and connected tools using our Slack search commands — without ever leaving Slack.

Access team knowledge easily when using any web apps

Replying to a customer email or ticket and need to find some information? Use our Chrome Extension to search for info across your connected tools. Eliminate the need to log in to multiple platforms and close all those tabs in your browser!

Knowledge management that integrates with the tools you’re already using

Access your team knowledge saved on Kipwise directly in your workflows and reference other tools easily to create informative documentation.

Built-in workflows to encourage collaboration and engagement

Built-in workflows to encourage collaboration and engagement

Build up a habit to search first

If teammates forgot to search before they ask a question, use our Answer with Kipwise Slack action to provide a quick answer and remind teammates the use of Kipwise simultaneously.

Grow your knowledge base while using Kipwise Q&A

Assign questions to specific teammates when your search doesn’t yield what you’re looking for. The Q&A is automatically saved to Kipwise to grow your knowledge base naturally.

Ensure content are up-to-date and verified

Assign reviewers to individual content or collections and we’ll remind you to review the content to keep them fresh and accurate.

Create structured and visually appealing content easily

Real-time collaborative editor

Simple and easy-to-use editor with real-time collaboration so your teammates can edit the same document at the same time and see the changes immediately.

Rich embedding options

Create visually appealing and informative documentation by collating multiple sources of data and information on one Kipwise Page. You can embed content from sources such as Google Drive, Figma, Trello, Airtable, Marvel and many more.

Templates for consistency

Create document templates for tasks or processes that you perform repeatedly to save time and ensure consistency in capturing information.

Version history to keep records

We automatically save version history for you. Everything is recorded and revertable.

Manage internal & customer-facing knowledge base in one place

Manage internal & customer-facing knowledge base in one place

One single platform to manage all content

Group selected Kipwise Pages into an easy-to-search customer help center, making it easier for your customer support team to access the most up to date company & product information.

Customizable to fit your branding

You can set the public knowledge base to be under your own domain and customize the color tones to provide a unified user experience for your customers.