Integrated with Slack seamlessly

Create and search for team knowledge directly in Slack

Company wiki feature - Create and Search for content directly in Slack

Create & search directly in Slack

Use slash commands to create and search for Kipwise Pages directly in Slack, without the need to logging to multiple platforms.

Company wiki feature - Turn Slack messages into wiki docs easily

Turn Slack messages into wiki docs

Discussed something important in chat? Clip it and turn it into a Kipwise Page with just a few clicks. No more tedious copy-and-paste.

Company wiki feature - Build up your knowledge base automatically through Q&A

Build up your knowledge base automatically through Q&A

Couldn’t find something on Kipwise? Assign the question to a teammate, the Q&A will be saved to Kipwise automatically when your teammate answered.

Company wiki feature - Automagically save articles and images with team annotations

Automagically save articles and images with team annotations

Our bot can detect if your messages contain any article links or images and save them to Kipwise automatically. We will turn them into a collaborative version so your team can collaborate on annotating the key points.

Easy-to-use web editor

Real-time collaborative editor with rich embedding options

Company wiki feature - Real-time collaborative editor

Real-time collaborative editor

Kipwise Page Editor allows real-time collaboration so your team can edit the same page at the same time and see the changes immediately.

Company wiki feature - Embed rich media

Embed rich media

Embed images, videos, or attach files to a Kipwise Page so you can create media-rich and visually appealing content easily.

Company wiki feature - Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly

Kipwise is mobile friendly so you can access your content on your phone or tablet, wherever you need them.

Connect the tools you use everyday

Instantly connect existing knowledge and tools so you can access important info in one place

Company wiki feature - Confluence Integration

Confluence Integration

Some of the teams in your company is using Confluence? You can search for content created on Confluence directly on Kipwise so you don’t have to log in to multiple tools to search for information.

Company wiki feature - Google Drive integration

Google Drive integration

Embed Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Drawings on a Kipwise Page so you can preview and edit the content directly on Kipwise.

Organize content with permission control

Categorize your content into folders with permission control

Company wiki feature - Permission Control

Permission control

Set user roles so only admins can perform certain actions. You can also control access rights for folders so only selected teammates can access certain folders.

Company wiki feature - Public facing knowledge base

Build a public facing knowledge base

You can choose to show certain folders in your public facing knowledge base. Perfect for building a customer facing help center.

Powerful search

Powerful search that will learn from your behaviors

Company wiki feature - powerful search

Search that improves over time

Kipwise tracks views, mentions and can learn from your searches and questions to improve search, in order to deliver the best answers to you.

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