Modash is Building for the Future

Modash is Building for the Future

“We are a small team and we don’t need a knowledge management tool.”

Small teams usually don’t spend efforts managing learnings and only realize the cost of it later when the problem hurts. But that’s not the case at Modash.

We chatted with Avery, CEO at Modash (A toolkit for partnering with social media brand ambassadors), to learn more about why he thinks it is better to kick-start the knowledge management process sooner than later in his team in a fast way.

It’s For Now and For the Future

“We are building the knowledge base to scale the team faster in the future.” Avery said.

Modash has been growing very fast, from 3 founders to about 10 people in 3 months. The team gains tons of new knowledge every day including new processes, feedback from customers and objections from leads.

Building a knowledge base as early as possible allows the team to scale even faster because the team can benefit from each other’s learnings easily.

For example, Modash encourages teammates to really meet and talk to potential customers to learn more about the market. With an easily accessible knowledge base, even the teammates who were not present in the meetings would be able to pick up the learnings because the key meeting takeaways are all available in the team knowledge base with one search away.

“The founders can stay more focused and at the same time help the team grow by allowing the team to access our learnings. It also helps the founders stay aligned with the team’s learnings.” Avery emphasized. They have an aggressive goal to grow to 30+ people in 6 months and he believes that sharing knowledge among teammates is the key to achieving the goal.

Maximize Productivity

Most of the Modash team members are working from the same office. It is tempting to simply tap a teammate’s shoulder and ask an easy question. But that could cause huge productivity lost if everyone does so, especially for a small team.

Maximizing the team productivity is one of the major reasons behind building a knowledge base at Modash, that teammates can avoid asking repeated questions and interrupting each other’s work when they can get the answer easily from the knowledge base that integrates with their daily communication tool, Slack.

“Some of our teammates even work during evenings, a knowledge base allows them to access someone’s knowledge or learnings even when they are offline.” Avery said.

The founding team at Modash

The Challenge to Onboarding New Hires Faster

The next major challenge at Modash is how to onboard new hires faster without costing too much time from the existing team. There is some basic knowledge the new hires should know about the market and the product. On the other way round, the team can benefit as well if there is an effective way for the new hires to share their new perspectives and knowledge to improve the team together.

Our team is working closely with Modash to develop a smooth way to onboard new hires progressively without scaring them away with a 100-page onboarding manual, automatically via Slack.

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