16 Best Sales Tools to Boost Revenues in 2022

Sales Tools

Any experienced sales representative can tell you that selling a product requires much effort and dedication. You must empathetically understand your audience and be tough enough to bounce back when you encounter rejection. Knowledgeable salespersons understand when to talk and when to maintain silence.  Besides these tactics, multiple tools can help you in your sales journey. 

The available tools bring numerous benefits to your business. However, their vast amounts can overwhelm or confuse you. Luckily, we've been testing various sales tools in the market. The knowledge has helped us identify the best ones for your campaigns. So, whether you require sales prospecting tools or sales enablement tools, we can help you.

Here, we explore the best sales tools that can improve your revenues in 2021.

1. Sales Enablement Tools


Kipwise is a knowledge management platform that combines smoothly with Google Drive, Slack, and others. It enables users to develop their group knowledge base from their daily conversations. Through these tools, users can identify, interpret, and keep articles shared in their slack platform.

2. Lead Generation and Sales prospecting Tools 


Apollo is a harmonized sales intelligence and engagement tool that accelerates client acquisition and conversion. The tool helps a user to target the right audience with the relevant information.


This tool indicates the companies that visit your platform and how they found you. Through Leaderfeeder, you’ll understand what the visitors want from what you offer.


Hunter.io is also called email hunter. The software scrapes the internet to find contact data for any domain. It also performs bulk tasks and confirms emails addresses.

3. Sales CRM Tools


This tool enables you to email, call, or text a lead. It comes with productivity software like task reminders and Power Dialer, allowing you to contact many leads and perform frequent follow-ups.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM automatically plans, enriches, and tracks each lead.  Its live chat feature enables you to link with any visitors on your platform and convert them.


Pipedrive is a customer management tool designed to assist the small sales team in navigating complicated and overwhelming sales procedures. Via excellent features like email integration and goal tracking, salespersons can close more deals. 


OnePageCRM is the first action-focused sales CRM. With its unique Action Stream feature, it turns a database into a dynamic to-do list where every lead and customer has a task or a reminder set next to them. This makes follow-ups and lead generation much easier.

4. Email Management & Email Tracking Tools 


This tool offers the best email tracking, bespoke templates, an email scheduler, meeting booking software, and CRM combination to users. The software plugs into emails, enabling users to utilize its capabilities when doing emails.


Mixmax allows salespersons to include features in the email that makes it more interactive. It entails email scheduling, booking meetings through Google Calendar, creating surveys, sending thank-you emails to customers/ business partners after-sales, managing transactional emails, etc. Mixmax is one of the most advanced tools for email management, distribution of automated emails, and email tracking.

5. Appointment Scheduling Tools


Calendly enables salespersons to schedule appointments, events, and meetings. Its objective is to remove the prolonged process of decision-making when time is of the essence. Instead of chains of emails and phone calls, you can share your availability via a Calendly link.


This tool helps you to make online scheduling with your team quickly. It does away with the back-and-forth associated with emails. Through YouCanBook.me scheduling is simple, individualized, and scalable.

6. Online Meeting Tools


Zoom is an excellent teleconferencing software that lets you reconnect with your team when in-person meetings aren’t possible. The tool is suitable for small, medium, and large teams. Some of the primary features of Zoom include one-on-one meetings, screen-sharing, recording, and group video conferences.


This is a web-based solution that enables virtual meetings, desktop sharing, and videoconferencing. Through the software, you can meet other users, clients, and friends through the internet. Due to its flexibility, you can apply it from various browsers and mobile gadgets. Some of the critical features of GoToMeeting include mobile conferencing, meeting recording, SSL security, in-room solutions.


With BlueJeans, you can easily communicate and interact online with your team members, regardless of their location. The platforms enable automatic sharing of meeting invitations, and receivers can click the URL to join. BlueJeans has various payment packages, so you can choose the one that fits your budget.

7. Proposal Management Tools 

Better Proposals

This software offers you the best online tools that you can use to develop a compelling proposal. The online proposal builder enables you to craft professional-looking documents promptly. With a range of online templates and drag-and-drop tools, you can build your proposal within no time.

Indy Proposal

Indy Proposal is a tool that can help you turn leads into clients. Through the platform, you can craft engaging and professional proposals that can attract prospective customers.

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