5 Best Knowledge Management Softwares in 2024

knowledge management software

What is a knowledge management software? 

Knowledge management softwares (KMS), also known as knowledge management tools or knowledge management platforms, are softwares that help companies capture, organize and share their company knowledge effectively. Although different companies might store different information in their internal knowledge base, it shares the same goal of helping employees collaborate and maximize productivity. 

Why use knowledge management software? 

As companies expand and grow, it’s easy to lose the important knowledge that they have accumulated through experience without an organized way to document knowledge. Using a knowledge management tool also gives employees quick access to accurate information, such as customer data and SOPs, to  help them perform their tasks more efficiently. Having a centralized knowledge hub is also useful for organizations with multiple functions. This will make it easier to integrate all the information that different teams possess in one centralized place. 

List of best knowledge management softwares


Kipwise is a modern knowledge management software for companies that makes it easy for teams to create a company knowledge hub collaboratively. Kipwise is integrated with Slack seamlessly and also offers browser extensions so you can access your team knowledge easily when you are using any web app. 

Some key features that help teams enable better internal knowledge flow: 

  • Powerful Slack integration - Handy slash command and Slack Actions to create and search for team knowledge. You simply don’t have to leave Slack to build up your knowledge base. 
  • Real-time collaborative editor - With rich embedding options, your team can edit the same doc at the same time and create visually appealing documentation easily. 
  • Content review process - Set designated reviewers for your collections to ensure content is always up-to-date and accurate. 
  • Smart AI suggestions  - deliver knowledge to your teammates when they need it, without needing them to search
  • Integrations - Kipwise is integrated with Google Drive, OneDrive, Figma and more. 


Slite enables your team to organize and write from a centralized place. It has a simple editor that is lightweight and simply to use, which also offers collaborative features such as commenting. Slite makes it easy for your team to keep your information organized and easy to search. 

Slite also provides a variety of templates to help your team build your team wiki. This is a great feature for new users who are just starting out with building their team wikis. 


Nuclino makes it easy for teams to share and organize company knowledge. Nuclino offers a simple and intuitive web editor that supports real-time collaboration. Nuclino is great for creating team documentation such as meeting notes, product requirements documents, etc. 


Slab is a knowledge management tool for modern teams. Slab helps team to create a knowledge hub to enable collaborative learning and documentation. Slab’s slick editor supports real-time collaboration so your entire team can work on the same document simultaneously. 

Slab is also integrated with tools such as Slack, GSuite and Github, making it easy for your team to create a knowledge base that is compatible with other tools. 


Guru is a knowledge management tool that empowers teams with the knowledge they need to do their jobs. Guru is integrated with Chrome, Slack, and many other tools to allow you access team knowledge easily within your workflows. Guru also provides AI based smart suggestions to automate some aspects of your knowledge management workflows. 

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