Empower your team with the knowledge they need to deliver delightful customer experiences at scale

Share customer onboarding playbooks, common FAQs and key customer profiles to drive upsell and increase retention.

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Customer onboarding playbooks

Help your customer success managers nail the onboarding process by providing them with the winning playbooks.


  • Kick-off call flow
  • Product demo script
  • Key metrics to monitor during the onboarding period

Common FAQs and troubleshooting guides

Provide your agents with the knowledge they need to help their customers effectively and to reduce time to response.


  • Common FAQs with suggested responses
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Style guide for handling customer enquiries

Learnings from customer feedback

Share learnings from customer meetings, calls, emails, etc. to help everyone understand the important things that your customers care the most or having issues with, in order to find the best solutions to enhance their experience.


  • Meeting notes with clients
  • Common issues raised by clients
  • Testimonials or quotes of why customers love us

Key metrics goals and reviews

Keep everyone on track on our goals and document regular reviews on the metrics so everyone can learn from the experience.


  • Monthly key metrics and targets
  • Monthly reviews + key learnings

People who trust us

People who trust us

Kipwise offers great integrations with our existing tools so setting up is easy.

Charles Oh

COO at Booque

Kipwise’s Slack integration offers the smoothest experience among all the tools we evaluated.

Scot Liddell

COO at Playgound XYZ

The Community Hired team uses Kipwise’s Slack integration to stay focused and efficient.

Stephanie Nakano

CEO at Community Hired