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Client Review Template

Client Review Meeting for more feedback to serve your clients better

Client reviews and client check-ins provide the feedback you need and offer essential information to keep your relationship working well. With a client review, you'll know what's working, the current status, and upcoming plans and strategies.

Asking for a client review or client account review doesn't need to feel awkward or counter-productive. Take the guesswork out of it and make it easier for you and your client with a client review template. They are easy to use. Use your client review as a meeting guide to keeping the conversation flowing and positive.

What is a Client Review or Client Account Review Template?

A client review template or client account review template includes fill-in-the-blank prompts that'll guide you and your clients through the process. Their responses help you understand what they like about your service/product, updates and make it easier to stay on top of upcoming plans. It's an ideal way to stay focused and on track during your session and throughout the year.

An effective client account review is a fantastic way to create an open conversation between you and your client on your progress with your product or service. Using a client account review template keeps your review focused on moving forward and closing any gaps in the process.

Why use a Client Review or a Client Account Review Template?

The client review template includes the essential pieces to a thorough yet easy-to-use template. The client review template uses prompts and well-thought-out questions to ensure everything you need to know is included. Since it's easy to get sidetracked by other topics, the client review and client account review templates offer the solution to this dilemma. suggests that a quarterly account review "should be linked to overall strategy and objectives and is the results of everyone's activities, interactions and contributions." Using a client account review template creates a ready-built agenda keeping the conversation productive and moving forward.

What is included in a Client Review Template?

Your client review template includes the essential pieces to make it easier for you and your client. It keeps the sidetracking to a minimum because it's got a natural flow based on the purpose: reviewing the current situation and looking at what's coming up.

A typical client review template includes the following details and prompts the responses you need:

  • Quarterly review: successes and concerns or roadblocks
  • Upcoming plans: any changes or new goals
  • Product updates: new features recently released and product roadmap
  • Next steps: action items

Whether your client check-in is through a meeting or written, a client check-in template may include:

  • Meeting details like video conferencing link and dial-in numbers
  • Welcome section: fill in a summary of what you want the client to know about your check-in
  • What's new: anything to report from the customer's side
  • Updates: what's happening from our side
  • Discussion: what are the current topics we need to review?
  • Customer questions: are there any concerns?
  • Next steps: just like it sounds, next steps for you and your client

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