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Shopify / Ecommerce FAQ Page Template

Shopify / Ecommerce FAQ Page Template to Improve Customer Service

A Shopify Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is one of the most visited sites on any eCommerce site, like your About and Contact pages. With a well-thought-out FAQ page, you’ll save the expense of having your team answer the same questions repeatedly, build trust in your brand and help customers make buying decisions quickly because they have the answers they need.

Why Add a FAQ Page to Your Ecommerce Store?

When customers shop online, there are questions. Their questions are typically the same, like shipping, returns, product info, order tracking, and more. A Shopify FAQ page lists these questions and provides the answers right on the page. But the best FAQ pages, especially for eCommerce sites, explains they act as “an automated customer support page or a simplified product manual.”

Store Ya Blog adds that a helpful FAQ page “helps establish trust and can turn a looker into a buyer by easing their mind.” Whether they’re visiting the site for the first time or a returning buyer, it’s simple, straightforward to create or build up your relationship with the customer. Plus, Store Ya Blog also shows that your FAQ page, set up correctly, also boosts your SEO ranking.

The Best Ecommerce FAQ pages

A well-thought-out FAQ page built to improve the customer experience naturally boosts SEO because the FAQ pages and sections are “incorporating long-tail keywords and questions that potential searchers may use.” Store Ya Blog shows it’s a simple method to connect related blog topics, further building trust by giving your customers valuable information. Blog posts related to your FAQ pages offer “inbound link opportunities.”

What to Include in an Online Store FAQ page?

Whether your eCommerce site is Shopify or with another provider, the content on your FAQ page needs to fit the criteria of common questions, quality answers and keep the experience positive. Using a FAQ template for Shopify or other eCommerce sites includes some classic pieces and helps your store stand out from the crowd. Remember, your Shopify or other eCommerce FAQ pages often have:

  • Popular questions
  • Clear answers
  • Images or videos
  • Call to action (move visitors back into a sales funnel)

Shopify FAQ Page Examples

These Shopify FAQ pages helpfully answer common questions while building trust with consistent branding, SEO-boosting cross-linking, and some usual visuals to enhance the FAQ experience.

Best Shopify FAQ Apps

Training your Customer Support Reps

But having just a FAQ page on your ecommerce site is not enough. It's likely that it won't answer all the questions that your customers might have. So providing human customer support is still important to ensure customer satisfaction. Check out our blog post - Training A Customer Support Team Member The Right Way for more tips on how to empower your customer support reps with the right product training and troubleshooting guidelines.

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