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Help Desk / Knowledge Base Article Template

Help center article template to help your customers find answers to their common questions

Best practices when writing your knowledge base articles

Other than using an organized structure for your folders, there are best practices that you can take note of when writing your individual knowledge base articles to help your customers find the information they need much more easily.

Use numbered headings and subheadings

When writing customer knowledge base articles, try to divide the sections using headings and subheadings and number them (e.g. add “A, B, C…” in front of Headings 1 and “1, 2, 3..” in front of Headings 2. With structured headings, it’s much easier to scan through the articles. And by numbering the headings, it’s much easier to direct customers to a specific point in the article when answering customer tickets (e.g. you can check out point A2 of this help desk article).

If you are using Kipwise to house your help articles, we will automatically generate a table of contents based on your headings and you can link to a specific heading easily to help your customers more efficiently.

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Add visuals to your content

Other than text, adding visuals is a great way to help your users really see how something works. Add screenshots or GIFs or even video tutorials to create more information documentation. Some useful tools in capturing screenshots and screencasts include Awesome screenshots and

Include keywords to optimize search

To help customers find the information that they need more easily, it’s a good idea to include varieties of keywords that you believe your users will use to search for the information. And you can always keep improving your content when you identify situations where your users used a certain keyword to search but didn’t find the information they want. If you use Kipwise to house your help articles, we provide search terms analytics to help you improve your knowledge base articles.

Check out our blog post How to Structure Your Customer Knowledge Base - The Ultimate Guide for more useful tips on managing your customer help center.

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