Buyer Persona Template

Sample buyer persona template to steer your marketing strategy

A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer (or customers). You can create a buyer persona based on market research when you start out and then update it once more customer data becomes available and your business evolves. Using a buyer persona template will make this task an organized one, with the variations providing insight into your business model.

What is a Buyer Persona Template?

A buyer persona — also called a customer persona, audience persona, or marketing persona — template will have all the information that you need to gather to define each customer segment.

For instance, a B2B buyer persona template will focus on the ideal customer’s job profile. This could include details like particulars of the company they’re employed at, relevant work experience, most common tools used, likely business goals, and so on.

A sample buyer persona template will give your marketing team a snapshot of who they’re targeting while creating campaigns.

Benefits of using a Buyer Persona Template

Using a template always gives you a great starting point. You’re less likely to miss out on necessary details when you have an organized checklist that’s standardized for use across your marketing and sales teams. Any changes you make in this template will then be reflected for everyone to see. It’s a great tool to have each time you launch a campaign, saving time on defining your target audience multiple times.

In addition, the marketing team can compare the Buyer Persona Template and customer data to gain useful business insights.

What should be included in the Buyer Persona Template?

A buyer persona should be based on all information that could influence the buying decision. So, the Buyer Persona Template should be a comprehensive checklist of all such contributing factors. A simple buyer persona will have details like age, lifestyle, and education.

However, modern buyer personas are more detailed and more nuanced definitions of prospective customers. For example, where do they get the information they need to make a purchase. With so many digital tools available to track internet users, you will be able to define a buyer persona that resembles a majority of your customers.

In any case, the most important aspect of the buyer persona is the ‘problem’ that you can solve. You need to be able to connect all prospective customers to a common pain point, the solution to which is the service or product you’re offering. 

Using Kipwise to store and collaborate on your Buyer Persona Template

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  • Real-time collaborative online editor - Our online editor supports real-time collaborative editing so your teammates can work on the same document at the same time. With our rich embed options, you can embed the User Persona documents easily and with our inline comment function, it’s easy for your teammates to have discussions to iterate and refine the document. 
  • Powerful search that lives where you work - For example, via our Slack integration or browser extensions, your team can retrieve the buyer personas without needing to jump between tabs when doing their tasks.
  • Access right control - You can set access right control on your folders so that only the relevant teams can access your Buyer Personas.
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