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Where are the databases located at?

Kipwise saved all data on Amazon Web Service RDS and mLab that are both located in US.

Does Kipwise encrypt the data?

Yes. Kipwise encrypts all customer-generated Pages so the raw data are unreadable to human beings. All data are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Yes. You can cancel the subscription at any time and the existing subscription will stop at the end of the active billing period.

Can Kipwise team members view our data?

No. All the customer-generated Pages are encrypted so they are unreadable to human. We would ask for your permission only if we’d need to retrieve some of your data for debugging purpose.

Can I only invite some of my Slack users to Kipwise instead of all?

Yes. You have full control of whom to invite to Kipwise. Only the invited ones would be counted as users.

What if I want to leave Kipwise after using it for some time? Do I own the data?

You own all the data on Kipwise. We would provide you an exported zip file if you decide to stop using Kipwise.

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