Introducing Kipwise real-time collaborative page editor

Real-Time Collaborative Editor for Team Knowledge

We are happy to share with you that the Kipwise real-time collaborative page editor is now launched so you can create free-style wiki articles to document any knowledge that you want to save as your team’s long term memory, no matter they are onboarding checklists for new hires, best practices and standard procedures for employees or internal FAQs regarding the products, etc.

Real-time collaborative editor just like Google Docs

Our Page editor allows real-time collaboration so your team can edit the same wiki doc at the same time and immediately see the changes. Changes will be auto-saved (of course with undo function) so you don’t have to worry something got lost because you left the browser accidentally without hitting “save”.

To keep your knowledge base organized, you can create folders and subfolders to categorize your Pages.

Slack integration – create and search for wiki docs directly in Slack

Using Slack? That’s even better! You can create a Kipwise Page directly in Slack as well using the slash command /kipwse create or using Slack action to save a Slack message to Kipwise with just a few clicks.

Everything saved on Kipwise are accessible in Slack with a simple search command.

Our goal is to build a knowledge management tool that is so integrated with your daily workflow that saving and retrieving knowledge will feel so natural and simple that even the busiest person in the team can contribute to building your company knowledge hub with minimal effort needed.

If you have any ideas on how we can make Kipwise better, drop us a message at [email protected] 😃

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