Keep your entire company aligned and reduce repeated questions to boost productivity

Share top level business roadmaps, meeting notes, onboarding materials to keep all teams aligned and reduce shoulder-taps.

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Content that you can use Kipwise to share with your entire organization

Mission statement + culture code

Share your mission statement and culture codes so everyone on your team understands your company’s core values.

  • Mission statement
  • Culture code

Executive updates + business roadmaps

Share regular management updates to keep your team aligned and motivated. And be transparent about your top level business roadmap and metric targets so every functional team can focus on the right goals.

  • Monthly management updates
  • Top level key metrics and targets by quarter
  • 2019 goals

Weekly team meeting notes

Summarize team meetings and document key takeaways so everyone can be in synced on the conclusions, learnings or important to-dos.

  • Team meeting agenda
  • Team meeting notes

Team policies

Share important company policies that your teammates should know and the standard procedures they should follow to comply.

  • How to apply for vacation
  • Sick leave policy

Office essentials

Don’t underestimate how many questions your team can have on basic stuff like office wifi, printer setup and more. Share frequently asked questions, helpful how-tos, and troubleshooting guides to reduce shoulder taps and repeated questions.

  • Common office FAQs (e.g. wifi passwords, printer setup, access card replacement)
  • Standard procedures (e.g. order courier services, subscribe to new services)

Onboarding materials

Share with new teammates the essential things they need to know to succeed in their roles and provide a step-by-step guide to them to help them get up-to-speed more efficiently.

  • New hire onboarding checklist
  • Getting started on your 1st day
  • Softwares to grant access to new hires
  • Team lookbook

People who trust us

People who trust us

Kipwise offers great integrations with our existing tools so setting up is easy.

Charles Oh

COO at Booque

Kipwise’s Slack integration offers the smoothest experience among all the tools we evaluated.

Scot Liddell

COO at Playgound XYZ

The Community Hired team uses Kipwise’s Slack integration to stay focused and efficient.

Stephanie Nakano

CEO at Community Hired