How teams use Kipwise

How core teams can share knowledge, synchronize actions and reach their goals together


Share onboarding materials such as company mission, core values, employee guidelines to onboard new teammates quickly with the essential things they need to know to succeed in their roles.

Customer Support / Success

Build a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and troubleshooting guides to empower your team with the knowledge they need to deliver delightful customer experiences at scale. Share best practices and play books to drive upsell and increase retention.


Share sales playbook, demo best practices, script and email templates to help your sales close deals faster. Document sales reviews such as common objections, key customer pain points, lost reasons to help increase win rates.


Collaborate on campaign planning and content drafts. Share brand guidelines to ensure a consistent brand voice. Document A/B test learnings so teammates can learn from the experience.


Collaborate on product specs, product roadmap and share best practices and user feedback. Document test results and analytics so your team and future hires can learn from the experience.


Document code review processes, share best practices, debugging tips to help everyone perform their best. Keep runbooks and document sprint retrospective so your team can learn from the experience and avoid repeated mistakes.


Share style guide, design best practices to ensure a consistent look-and-feel and user experience for your product. Document test results and analytics so your teammates can learn from the experience and understand what works and what doesn’t.