Search for everything via Kipwise

Other than searching on your Kipwise web portal, Kipwise also integrates with other tools so that you can perform searches right where you work. 

With one simple command, you can turn Slack into the Google for your team knowledge. Simply type slash Kipwise followed by the search terms in any Slack Channel or direct message. The search results will only be visible to you unless you click the “Post to channel” button to share the search result with your teammates. Click the “Expand” button and you can view the Page content directly in Slack. 

Other than searching in Slack, you can also install our Chrome or Safari Extension to access Kipwise easily whenever you are working anywhere online. Simply highlight certain text on your browser or use the search box on the Chrome Extension and you can easily search for what you need without leaving your current tab. Whether you are answering a customer ticket or replying to client email, you can quickly copy and share content from your knowledge base.

Also using other cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive and OneDrive? Connect them to Kipwise and you will be able to search across multiple platforms via one single search. No more logging in to multiple platforms just to search for a piece of information. 

With Kipwise, finding information that you need has never been easier!