Google Drive Integrations

Does your team use Google Drive? Connect it with Kipwise so that with a single search, you can get relevant results in one place. You can also embed Google Drive files on Kipwise Pages to create more informative documentations. 

After connecting your Google Drive, your entire Google Drive will be searchable directly within Kipwise! You can filter the search results by sources and more advanced filters. This also works for our Kipwise search command on Slack and our Chrome extension. Each teammate will have to set up the Google Drive integration for themselves so that they will only be able to see the Google Drive files that they have the right to access. 

Beside unified search, our Google Drive integration also makes it easy for you to embed Google Drive files on a Kipwise Page to create more informative documentations. Simply type plus Google Drive and you will be able to search for the Google Drive files that you want to embed by keywords. The embeds are real-time live embeds, so you can see the changes instantly and you can edit your embedded Sheets, Slides and Docs directly on Kipwise! 

Connect your Google Drive with Kipwise now and start saving tons of time in finding information!